Pies Before Guys

Richmond knows its sweets, and while Pi Day may be in March, we celebrate year round. Check out these top spots to grab a slice.

Proper Pie Co.

Proper Pie Co. brings its Kiwi pastry perspective to Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. Start with a savory meat pie like steak and cheese, chicken mango curry, or a vegan spinach and lentil. End with a slice of cream pie. This spot is tiny, so arrive early and with patience.

WPA Bakery

WPA’s two city locations means double the pie, double the fun. You can visit Church Hill or Forest Hill Avenue for muffins, a canelé, or cake — but keep your eye on the prize. WPA’s berry pie with a shortbread crust is the real winner and is often available vegan.

Sally Bell’s Kitchen

This iconic spot is known for boxed lunches and upside down cupcakes, but don’t overlook the pies. Locally, family-owned since 1924, Sally Bell’s Kitchen has received the James Beard Foundation’s America’s Classics Award. Grab a chicken salad roll with potato salad and splurge on a mini lemon chess or pecan pie.