Natasha Crosby

Natasha Crosby

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What makes Richmond a great place to be out?: Richmond has a wonderfully diverse and accepting community with many resources and outlets to be able to live your best life OUT loud.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Richmond Region?: There are so many! If I have to choose then the museums are my favorite thing to do. Between the BHMVA, VMFA, and The Valentine there's always so much to learn about Richmond's history.

What do you do here?: I am a local Realtor servicing Richmond and the tri-cities area, President of the Richmond LGBTQ Chamber, a Board Member of Side By Side (formerly ROSMY) and a volunteer for UGRC who curates BlackPrideRVA weekend.

What’s your favorite restaurant?: I love Phoenix Garden! Phoenix is an amazing woman who makes the best pho in town.

What would you tell somebody who has never been to Richmond before?: I would say Richmond is filled with good people, awesome events, a fascinating history, amazing food and the best craft beers this side of the Mississippi!

What's your favorite store?: I love Urban Hang Suite! It’s such a "Richmond Vibe". They make my matcha latte just the way I like and have a pretty great book selection.

How do you spend your free time?: I spend most of my free time volunteering and getting to know my fellow Richmonders. After that I am usually somewhere reading a book.

What's your favorite neighborhood?: I love Blackwell!

How do you describe your community?: My community is home, filled with people who inspire me to live out and proud with a purpose greater than myself.