Flowers in the Snow. The Final Week of Wedding Planning

Even the snow couldn't stop Dan and Jim as they finished preparations for their big day.

Despite the weather, the couple met with the head chef of Meriwether Godsey at Lewis Ginter to decide what to serve their guests. The dining room will feature cluster seating with punch pieces from Paisley & Jade in order to create a comfortable lounge environment. A layout of long tables on the sides of the dining room will hold a lush array of antipasti and Mediterranean style crudités, while two passed appetizers will continue the theme. A beer and wine bar will be covered by the grooms. To show their guests how much they treasure them, Dan and Jim will be treating guests to cocktails the second they walk in.

Spring is just around the corner and with the help of Casey Godlove of Strawberry Fields it will also be present at the wedding with Dan and Jim's plant heavy floral theme. The couple has opted to use less flowers and more greens and textures like air plants, succulents, thistle, and anemone in order to create a more natural vibe. Personal flowers were chosen for the family members and wedding party, and galvanized planter boxes will adorn the long dining room tables.

The couple has said before that they plan to surprise each other during their first look on Saturday and so clothing appointments were done separately. 707 Menswear took care of both the men, and in order to preserve the surprise only the color palette of navy, green, and brown patterns will be revealed.

As the attire meeting was finishing Jim began to get emotional saying how hard it has been for him to really just let go and let everyone do so many things for him. He is so grateful for everything everyone has done for both he and Dan and now that everything has been decided he is completely ready to just "show up and get married."

Dan and Jim's wedding is this Saturday, March 7th at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Photo Credit: David Abel Photography & Michael Simon Photography


Cake, Wine, Design. Week Two Of Wedding Planning Complete

The pieces are coming together for Dan and Jim. After another planning session, their wedding has truly begun to take shape.

Their second planning meeting began Paisley and Jade's studio, where a vision began to emerge. With the help of Casey Godlove of Strawberry Fields and Morgan Montgomery of Paisley and Jade's, the couple's themes of "Restoration Hardware" and "Cozy Library" came together to inspire the perfect altar backdrop. Constructed of reclaimed wood with metal shelving and a vintage ladder for shape, the backdrop will feature close photos, trinkets, and personal items of Dan and Jim's, as well as some funky airplants, natural greenery, and pops of neutral flowers. The clean lines of metal, wood, and leather once again portray masculinity while utilizing the navy, slate blue, gray and green color palette that the couple had established.

Guests of the wedding will be treated to a mixture of wicker chairs from Lewis Ginter and soft upholstered seating from Paisley and Jade's. Dan and Jim will say their vows while standing on a cozy oriental rug after walking down the aisle to their close friend Georgia singing their processional. Decisions weren't easy for the men though, confronted with so many wonderful choices Jim exclaimed "Oh gosh no, please don't make us pick out of all these things!"

Photos by Michael Simon Photography

Dan and Jim are planning to prepare for the ceremony separately, going so far as to pick out their attire independently in order to truly be surprised by each other during their "first look" at Linden Row Inn on their wedding day. From there they will travel together via James Limousine and share a quiet moment alone before pictures and the craziness at Lewis Ginter.

No wedding day is complete without cake, and after Paisley and Jade, Dan and Jim stopped by Sweet Fix to taste some incredible cakes. After testing a few options they ultimately decided on a lavender cake with lavender honey buttercream as well as a dark chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream. After discovering that she and Dan were old acquaintances from their Gallery 5 days, Amanda Robinson of Sweet Fix began working on the designs and will be presenting them to the couple soon.

To end the day, the couple headed over to Strawberry Street Cafe to discuss the rehearsal dinner and the Hardywood reception ideas, and enjoy a much deserved glass of wine.