Travis Gortney

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Why Do You Love Richmond?

Food, culture, and and endless diverse personality!

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do In Richmond?

Discover new places to hangout - even after living here for 22 years there's still something new popping up, especially in the food and beer scene.

What Do You Do Here?

Day to day I work in Tissue Donation/Transplant field, and in my spare time I volunteer locally as a Paramedic with Lakeside Rescue in Henrico.

What’s Your Favorite Restaurant?

Currently my favorite, and my first choice to people seeking a recommendation is Lunch. | Supper! Their nightly specials home made desserts will keep you coming back until your wallet is thin.

What Would You Tell Somebody Who Has Never Been To Richmond Before?

Make it a point to come, and for more than just a day - when you're here, find a farmer's market, a street festival, and stroll through Carytown - and definitely don't miss a show at the Byrd!

What's Your Favorite Store?

Walkabout Outfitter. It provides a local outlet for access to quality gear, and the ability to avoid the big-box stores.

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Depending on the season, either finding nooks and crannies around the river wherever my kayak will fit, finding new nightly specials to munch on, or leisurely strolling around the Fan and Museum District.

What's Your Favorite Neighborhood?

The Fan - between the places to eat, the pocket parks, and beautiful historic homes - the neighborhood really shows off the many personalities of RVA.

How Do You Describe Your Community?

Rich and proud! And not in the fiscal sense, but in the culture and personality sense. Many influences from colleges to corporations that all have one thing in common: their pride in RVA.

Anything Else You Would Like To Add?

Come see Richmond for yourself!