Nick Sowan

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Why do you love Richmond?

Richmond is a perfect city! Whether you're looking to be active, join in the fun festival, eat your way through town or just be relaxed on your day off, richmond has it all!  I love RVA because I'm never bored! I can run down to Belle Isle and relax in the sun with peaceful rapids or I can enjoy a nice local beer and grub at one of our several breweries. Festivals happening every weekend, practically, with amazing vendors and music!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Richmond?

My all time favorite is probably a tie between trying out all the little whole in the wall restaurants and relaxing on the rocks catching rays.

What do you do here?

Just started working as a Senior Fraud Investigator. Before that I worked in property management while also working as 3rd in charge of a development center and managing pools. Ultimately my goal is to teach elementary children, own my own rental property, all while running a battered women/homeless restart shelter!

What’s your favorite restaurant?

Avenue 805 was my all time favorite restaurant, until they shut their doors. Now it's a mix...Legends Brewery for the nachos, The Boathouse for crab dip, Carytown Burgers and Fries for my yummy heart attack, and Don't Look Back for some bangin' tacos.

What would you tell somebody who has never been to Richmond before?

Get out and explore! See all the historical sites, check out the food (do not go to chain restaurants), get active walking in Maymont or kayaking down the James, grab a beer, and just let loose and have fun!

What's your favorite store?

I try not to shop downtown, for I would be broke haha, but 10,000 Villages is very unique and has very interesting pieces.

How do you spend your free time?

Kayaking down the James, riding my bike for miles, swimming in the rapids, enjoying a beer here and there, volleyball at Rockets Landing, tanning my cheeks at Belle Isle or maybe the other cheeks at Texas Beach, eating eating eating and having fun with friends around town.

What's your favorite neighborhood?

Definitely the Fan! Great eats, beautiful houses and great location. Hanover Ave will be my home one day!

How do you describe your community?

The RVA community is amazing! Everyone is very open to change whether it's new development, acceptance of cultural differences, pro non-violence and open arms to all visitors!

Anything else you would like to add?

If you are debating moving to Richmond, do it! First though, just visit!  RVA, where you visit, stay and never want to leave. RVA is home.